Pieces of Styles

Pieces of Styles

Philippe Starck
Prodotto Pieces of Styles

"Pieces of Styles", the result of the fertile collaboration between Philippe Starck and Bottega Ghianda, renews the tradition of 17th-18th century French boiseries, proposing a solution with modular boards in solid teak, mahogany, ash or oak. The bas-relief decorative motif is versatile in that it comes in a version with soft curves, embodying the feminine spirit, and in one with angular, geometric shapes, enhancing the masculine spirit. "Pieces of Styles" is a modular element that does not completely saturate the wall but rather, leaving a perimeter space, acts as a huge painting and wraps around the room to enhance its decor, thanks also to the touch of the lights, which have a bronze lighting body. The bronze is also used in the shelves and hook supports, which are specially designed to integrate or hang any object on the wall.

Each wooden slab is a unique and unrepeatable piece of art, as confirmed by the bronze plate applied to the back of each module and bearing the customer's name and piece number.

The need to ensure the stability of the solid wood staves led us to draw on the legacy of master cabinetmaker Giuseppe Maggiolini. Following his expedient, each panel is therefore made up of three layers of solid wood, interspersed with a linen cloth, which gives stability to a material that is so changeable and alive, a bearer of the spirit of the wood.

Slab - 25 x h250 x sp3 cm

Shelf - 98 x 20 x sp 0,5 cm