Bottega Ghianda

Cultural Heritage

Present excellence comes from a noble past and a strict respect for traditions. Founded more than two centuries ago, Bottega Ghianda has established itself as the leading Italian expert within the art of fine cabinet-making. Time after time, thanks to the acquired knowledge and modestly preserved sensibilities, it has developed its skills and placed itself at the service of greatest names in architecture, design and art, to help them shape their creativity through the mastery of its craftsmen.

The workshop

Pierluigi Ghianda was a wizard of wood. Immersed within his vault full of treasures, surrounded by skilled and faithful collaborators. He knew how to transform the essence for every wood with the precision and dedication of a passionate alchemist.

Leaving his native Brianza, he travelled all over the world, from Japan to the Amazon, always romantically searching for the rarest and most precious woods. Once in his workshop, these precious woods underwent a long and ingenious process that transformed them into objects of sublime beauty.

“Every material when properly worked becomes valuable”.


When making is thinking

"Knowing how to think” and” knowing how to make”: the secret of Bottega Ghianda stems from the harmonious union between the mind that designs and the hand that creates. This symbiosis, which combines a keen sense of beauty and unparalleled craftsmanship, was born and developed in the area that stretches from the area north of Milan towards Lecco: a production district envied worldwide for its ability to combine tradition and innovation.

Handed down from father to son from generation to generation.  The inheritance of experience and craftsmanship that has grown up in this territory finds its pinnacle with Bottega Ghianda. The ability to work each wood characteristics with a confident and loving hand, using joints that are as complex as they are discreet, is the hallmark of this excellence. These masterly skills being achieved by the cabinet-makers who for years have worked, day after day, alongside Pierluigi Ghianda in his workshop.

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