These set squares are perfect reproductions of the capolavoro: the “masterpiece” artefact the trainee cabinet maker executed at the end of his training to prove his acquired skills. Handmade with dovetail joints and hand-polished, like the T-ruler, together they form a beloved set of tools, familiar to all those who work with their hands: from schoolchildren drawing their first lines to expert artisans. A symbol of craftsmanship that we have been producing for a hundred years.

Product Details

Essenze e finiture

Bottega Ghianda carefully selects the quality of materials such as essences, leathers and fine fabrics that make each product unique

Designed by

Bottega Ghianda

Bottega Ghianda  has now added to its product offering: among the design created entirely within the workshop, we find a few brand new ones as well as former prototypes that have now finally been completed.

Different architecture and design visions have given rise to a new series of forms expresses through wood. This is a new series of forms expressed through wood. This I s a new stage in Bottega Ghianda’s journey.

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