The “Bocca socchiusa” chair effectively sums up the creative process of the Bottega Ghianda, a process which moves from abstract idea to design and actual construction via a series of progressive variations, tracking the prototype of a chair through its evolutionary stages. Its Italian title (meaning slightly open mouth) suggests that this final model tells a discreet tale of the many other models that have been created before it and that have been continuously restyled, changing the shape for subsequent approximations and adapting materials in a continuous effort to adapt. The leather of the chair steps aside and makes way for bamboo, to create a much lighter feel. The gentle curve of the backrest adds to this lightness. When a piece of furniture strives for the perfection of a work of art, it involves this degree of arduous work.

Product Details

Technical specifications

Essence and finishings

Bottega Ghianda carefully selects the quality of materials such as essences, leathers and fine fabrics that make each product unique.

Ashwood and nabuk leather sabbia
Mahogany and smooth leather cognac
Designed by

Bottega Ghianda

Bottega Ghianda  has now added to its product offering: among the design created entirely within the workshop, we find a few brand new ones as well as former prototypes that have now finally been completed.

Different architecture and design visions have given rise to a new series of forms expresses through wood. This is a new series of forms expressed through wood. This I s a new stage in Bottega Ghianda’s journey.

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Bocca socchiusa