Lionardo, as its name and appearance already suggest, is inspired by the Leonardesque machines on display at the Leonardo Museum in Vinci. Framed by a smooth dark bronze profile, the light transparency of the extra-clear glass top, with bevels on both sides that are tactile before than visual, acts as a counterbalance to the solid mahogany base, which is built with a Leonardesque interlocking structure, a game that is difficult to understand, whose executive complexity is surmounted by the ability of master cabinet-makers to transform a design potential into an accomplished act.

Product Details

Technical specifications

Essenze e finiture

Bottega Ghianda carefully selects the quality of materials such as essences, leathers and fine fabrics that make each product unique

Designed by

Bottega Ghianda

Bottega Ghianda  has now added to its product offering: among the design created entirely within the workshop, we find a few brand new ones as well as former prototypes that have now finally been completed.

Different architecture and design visions have given rise to a new series of forms expresses through wood. This is a new series of forms expressed through wood. This I s a new stage in Bottega Ghianda’s journey.

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