Milan Design Week 2019

  • Events - 04/23

At the Milan Design Week 2019, Bottega Ghianda will be presenting two different exhibits.

One is at the shop In Via Formentini, and is the new collection of sculptured cars; Oxford Racers, designed by Lars Beller Fjetland, and made entirely by hand by the craftsmen of the Bottega Ghianda.

The other is at the Palazzo di Brera, in the Sala delle Adunanze dell’Istituto Lombardo – Accademia di Scienze e Lettere (Via Brera, 28) where the new projects of Álvaro Siza will be on show along with objects designed by Mario Bellini, Michele De Lucchi, Naoto Fukasawa, Jean Nouvel and Tobia Scarpa.

Romeo Sozzi, owner of Bottega Ghianda and Michele De Lucchi, the artistic director,have invited some of the great names of contemporary design and architecture to create new products which will become part of the contemporary world of Bottega Ghianda. The mission of Romeo Sozzi is to preserve and revive the craftsmanship and skill of the artisan techniques by injecting new, and contemporary ideas. Thus, this year, alongside the great names is Lars Beller Fjetland who has been entrusted with a fresh, fun and original new design project.

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