The On-on table expresses the same language as the furniture from the One on One family. The universal feature, the square beam, drives a play of perspectives, that in this case becomes subtly ironic. Fukusawa has pursued the ideal of “objective” objects, able to reflect the environment in which they are placed rather than the individuality of the designer, making them ready to arouse that sense of déjà vu.

Product Details

Technical specifications

Essenze e finiture

Bottega Ghianda carefully selects the quality of materials such as essences, leathers and fine fabrics that make each product unique

Designed by

Naoto Fukasawa

With his designs devoted to simplicity and sublime beauty, Fukasawa has designed for a wide range of leading brands in Italy, Germany, America, Switzerland, Spain, China, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, France, Portugal, Sweden and Finland, as well as consulting and working with major Japanese corporations. His designs span a wide variety of fields, from precision electronic equipment to furniture and interior settings.

He has received numerous national and international design awards.

His wall-mounted CD player for Muji, humidifier for ±0 and the mobile phones Infobar and neon for au/KDDI are all part of New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)’s permanent collection. In 2007, he was accorded the title of Honourable Royal Designer for Industry (Royal Society of Arts, UK). Muji’s wall-mounted CD player is also part of the Victoria and Albert Museum’s permanent collection, while his Hiroshima armchair for Maruni is in the permanent collection of Designmuseum Danmark.

Fukasawa is one of the directors of 21_21 Design Sight. He also sits on the design advisory board of Muji and is the art director of Maruni. In 2017 he became a member of the judging committee for the Loewe Craft Prize. He is a professor in the Integrated Design department at Tama Art University. In 2006 he established “Super Normal” with Jasper Morrison. He has acted as the 5th curator of The Japan Folk Crafts Museum since 2012.

Fukasawa has co-authored The Outline. The Unseen Outline of Things (Hachette Fujingaho) with photographer Tamotsu Fujii and released Naoto Fukasawa (Phaidon Press).

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