Acube-shaped desktop bookcase, rotating on a wooden disc. The two bases are linked by oval-section wooden baguettes.

Product Details

Essenze e finiture

Bottega Ghianda carefully selects the quality of materials such as essences, leathers and fine fabrics that make each product unique

Designed by

Cini Boeri

She graduated at the Milan Politecnico in 1951, and after a temporary internship in Gio Ponti's studio began a long collaboration with Marco Zanuso. In 1963 she started her own professional activity, focusing on civil architecture and industrial design. She designed in Italy and abroad houses, apartments, museum layouts, offices, stores, devoting great attention to the study of the functionality of space and the psychological relationships between man and the environment. In the field of industrial design she has been particularly involved in the design of furniture elements and building components. Several of her achievements are featured in museums and international exhibitions. She has won several awards and prizes, including the Compasso d'Oro.

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