Once again, the perfect proportions of the LC2 return in the marble guise of an armchair suitable for outdoor use. The 35 mm thickness of the white Carrara marble is obtained by water-cutting and was specifically designed to prevent the slab from breaking or being too heavy. The intricate workmanship of the solid marble gives it a fine silkiness and a satin effect to the touch. The unique character of Pietrasanta is encapsulated in the milling and epoxy resin bonding of the three elements that make up the structure. A single cushion, upholstered in linen and outdoor leather, and the inner seat in square mesh stainless steel sheet metal embrace the one who sits. The inlaid stainless steel back detail crowns the work.

Product Details

Designed by

Bottega Ghianda

Bottega Ghianda  has now added to its product offering: among the design created entirely within the workshop, we find a few brand new ones as well as former prototypes that have now finally been completed.

Different architecture and design visions have given rise to a new series of forms expresses through wood. This is a new series of forms expressed through wood. This I s a new stage in Bottega Ghianda’s journey.

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