Bottega Ghianda

Fine- woodworking

Bottega Ghianda realises strictly unique pieces. It represents the meeting point of a strong creative vision. The passionate craftsmen, skilled in the use of loving hands to work different woods. Using joints that are as complex as discreet: the hallmark of fine-woodworking. The Bottega Ghianda and its craftsmen are a flagship of Italian cabinetmaking: reminiscent of past excellence of Italian Renaissance workshops.

Long-standing tradition

Fine- woodworking art has a long-standing tradition. It is distinguished from other strands of fine wooden craftsmanship by its extreme precision, attention to detail and the exclusive use of wood.

Over the centuries, master cabinetmakers have reached ever-ambitious heights thanks to the knowledge they have acquired and passed on from generation to generation. Their peerless and unmistakable mastery is at the service of a sober but elaborate and unadorned aesthetic: like Bottega Ghianda’s pieces more architectural than decorative.

The noblest of the wood arts.

Bottega Ghianda represents and embodies the crowning glory of an ancient tradition, admired, and envied all over the world.

The art of joints

Fine-woodworking often poses single problems according to what we call engineering: the search for design solutions to transform creative vision into reality. Hence the refinement over time for all sorts of joints, that in turn find alternative solutions to assemble wooden forms. These result in sometimes combining different woods, without the use of  nails or foreign materials.

A refined cabinetmaker has an extraordinary control of manual dexterity, all of which, may concern the concrete working of wood: from the gestures that allow inlays of millimeter precision to those that breath wood with a special softness, with the resulting tactile sensations that the finished piece will offer.

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