Bottega Ghianda


Each Bottega Ghianda product is strictly a unique piece. It is the meeting point between a strong creative vision and the ability to work the different woods properties. Created with a confident and loving hand, using joints that are as complex as they are discreet: the hallmark of cabinetmaking.

Quest for perfection

There is something ancient and knowledgeable that resonates, starting from the name, in a company workshop like Bottega Ghianda. Something that brings to mind the excellence of the Italian Renaissance workshops and the mastery of passionate craftsmen able to use their hands to give body and form to their visions. From the attention to detail to the choice of materials, Bottega Ghianda has made the quest for perfection its identifying mark and its original connotative trait. In all the service of a sober and elegant aesthetic that always manages to conceal the complexity of the design solutions required to create and give life to the shapes designed.


Bottega Ghianda has embarked on a path of corporate certifications according to the main international schemes, certifying the quality management system according to the UNI EN ESO 9001 standard, and in the health system and safety at work according to BS OHSAS 18001.



UNI ISO 45001-2018


Policy for Health and Safety at Work and for Quality

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