Milan Design Week 2024

  • News - 05/24

Bottega Ghianda represents an oasis of peace. A place where time expands, and one can immerse oneself in the beauty of artisanal creation.

At Milan Design Week 2024, Bottega Ghianda presented the new collection, permeated with a sense of MERAVIGLIA.


A polysensorial journey.

Two worlds. Different but yet similar. Two brands of Italian excellence such as Promemoria and Bottega Ghianda present themselves at 2024 Milan Design Week under the sign of MERAVIGLIA.

Meraviglioso is the journey, meravigliosa is the storytelling.

Set up invites on a voyage through a sequence of immersive installations that engages all senses, enhancing the excellence, charm, and elegance of Promemoria and Bottega Ghianda creations.

The path of WEIK STUDIO and ES_PR, fulfills this task by presenting a series of installations, enriched by sound design and visual elements, where everything is interconnected: an exhibition that becomes a journey.

In Bottega Ghianda “Wonder” is a tangible experience.

Meraviglioso manifests itself in multiple forms. It is in the intricacy of a carving, the smoothness of a surface, and the care with which each piece of wood is chosen.

The new 2024 Collectionto shapes a perfect marriage of tradition and modern design.

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